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Those of you who know me probably understand why 2017 was a particularly difficult year. It’s been a time of hard changes and even harder realities for many of us. I don’t mind saying I’m glad to see this past year behind us and am looking forward to a  brighter, more productive 2018. It took me much longer than expected to write SACRED GROUND, book three in the Savage Cinderella Novella Series, but it’s a bit longer (38k or about 150 pages) and I wanted to take the time needed to get it right. I hope I did the story justice.

I’m happy and proud to announce that SACRED GROUND is due out February 22, 2018 and is

now available for pre-order!

In book three of the Savage Cinderella Novella Series, kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brinn Hathaway, joins her friends, Justin, Cody, and Dani on a quest to search for Justin’s brother-believed dead after having disappeared from his Marine unit in Afghanistan. When he’s reportedly seen at a protest in Wyoming, where Native American land protectors are at odds with a mining company determined to destroy what could be a sacred burial ground, it’s up to Brinn to find out the truth and help stop them.

But life is complicated when Brinn and the two men vying for her affections (Justin and Cody) are forced to face off with the corrupt mine developer and his hired guns-one of whom could very well be the man they’re searching for. Can they take on the powerful industrial complex to save sacred tribal lands from destruction? And can they convince Justin’s brother to turn himself in before he has a chance to run again? What will be the cost to this band of brothers? And who will Brinn choose to be by her side through it all?

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(10% of proceeds go to Native Hope, an organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and improving the lives of Native American youth)

This was one of those books that spoke to me. Inspired by the water protectors protesting the Dakota Access pipelines, I wanted to shine a light on the plight of Native Americans in today’s world. Not only have sacred lands, National Monuments, and water sources been threatened by corporate greed and America’s addiction to fossil fuels, the rampant human trafficking, unemployment, suicide, and drug problems plaguing this vulnerable population are a heartbreaking stain on our country and it’s legacy. This should not be a divisive political issue, but instead, is a humanitarian issue that concerns all of us. Unfortunately, without compassionate, common sense legislation to aid and protect this marginalized and forgotten people–people who have loved, honored, and respected the land for generations before white settlers came–I hold out little hope for their survival. Unless WE, the people of this great nation, stand together with our native brothers and sisters to help them preserve the land, the water, and the planet for generations to come, we will all pay the price. It’s up to each and every one of us. Together, we can make a difference.

Please donate to Native Hope if you can!

So, that’s my big news for now. If you haven’t read the other books in the series, check them out and get started now with the original SAVAGE CINDERELLA, the story of Brinn Hathaway, a kidnapped girl who survives in the North Georgia High Country until a young nature photographer finds her and convinces her to come back to the world–only to put her back in the sights of her kidnapper.

A young adult/new adult romantic suspense, this novel won the prestigious HOLT Medallion award and has over 3.6 million reads on Wattpad.









Don’t forget to read books one and two in the series!

FINDING HOPE and LOST BOYS are available for $1.99 each at your favorite online retailers.


As Brinn Hathaway recovers from her own ordeal of being kidnapped, left for dead, and surviving for years in the wild, can she overcome her trauma and use her experience to help the FBI find a missing child?








Justin’s friend Cody has disappeared, and Brinn is determined to find out why. Despite an escalation in the tensions between them over Cody and Brinn’s complicated friendship, Justin agrees to join her on a journey that leads to the mysterious jungles of Colombia, where whispers of human trafficking bring them face to face with an old enemy.




I’ll have more pre-order links for SACRED GROUND at other retailers soon, so no worries if you read on an i-Pad, Nook, or Kobo e-reader. And if you’d like an advanced reader copy (ARC) in exchange for an honest review, let me know in the comments below!

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