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Happy Spring, friends!

It’s been a slow transition from winter to spring here in the hills. After three big snow storms (the fourth amounted to nothing), we still have a foot-and-a-half of snow on the ground and a pile up to the windowsill on the North side of the house where the sun never shines. We’ll probably be digging out in May!

I did, however, see these little gems poking their heads out from the winter debris. These snow drops are making me lust for that first warm sunshiny day when I can clean out their beds again and maybe even plant something new. Hopefully, my back cooperates! It’s been a tough winter for my body, despite the fact my husband hasn’t let me lift a shovel, and heaving forty-pound bags of pellets is now a thing of the past. I’m sure it’s nothing time–and a few warm sunny days–won’t improve.

One thing the cold weather and a recalcitrant back has given me is an opportunity to stay in and write. My standing desk has made an amazing improvement in my productivity and I’m well on my way to writing the next book in the Savage Cinderella series. I’ve already entitled it–BROKEN ANGEL. (Shh! You guys are the first to know:-)) I’m on chapter four and as soon as I get to the halfway point of the story (at about chapter ten), I’ll start working on the cover! This is the most fun and exciting part of writing for me. I love building a story out of nothing but a grain of an idea, feeling the life inside the characters blossom, and seeing them form and grow on the page. Once I have the bones of the story in my mind, I quickly begin to visualize it unfolding like a movie. You know that feeling when you’re in a theatre, eating popcorn and escaping into a great show? It’s that excitement, wonder, and love of the unfolding mystery that keeps me writing. There is a joy and a mania to it, but also a peace in the creative process and satisfaction in the completion of the work. It’s hard to explain, but it is most certainly a driving force. In these inner movies and mysterious motivations, I don’t always know what comes next, but the characters in my unconscious brain seem to know where they need to go.

It’s up to me, the writer, to follow…and trust.


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