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2013 RWA conference picThanks for taking time to visit my website. Feel free to hang out, browse through my contemporary YA/NA books, or check out my Dystopian (sci-fi/fantasy) Trilogy and follow my blog. I write Young Adult and New Adult fiction with heroes you’re sure to fall in love with and heroines you’ll root for on every page…because everyone deserves a hopefully ever after.

Although most of my stories are about teens and young adults, adult readers will enjoy the romantic journeys of my characters. All those first kisses, family dramas, and emotional roller coaster rides that make us remember our own experiences in a fresh light. I write both young adult (12-18) and new adult (18-22) contemporary and dystopian novels because regardless of the times, young people are faced with big problems. I want to share with readers of all ages the idea that no matter how dark life gets, there is always hope for love, happiness, and healing. Never give up!

Please enjoy my stories, and I look forward to connecting with you.

When I’m not writing romantic and hopeful stories for teens and young adults,  I own and operate a holistic health care practice. With over thirty years in the health and fitness industry, first as a physical therapist assistant, and then as a massage therapist, personal trainer and yoga instructor,  I’m able to offer my clients a wide variety of services–most importantly–useful self-care instruction.

If you’re suffering the consequences of being an avid reader, writer, desk jockey, or couch potato, don’t forget to check out my non-fiction title, Overcome Your Sedentary Lifestyle, a holistic living, self-care guide sure to get you motivated and moving toward a more balanced and active lifestyle.

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Soul Redemption

(A prequel novella to the Chronicles of Lily Carmichael Trilogy)

Soul Redemption eBook mock-up

What’s it like to be a teenager in the year 2057? Life is hard enough when three quarters of the population has been wiped out by a viral plague and a polar shift threatens to drive humanity to extinction. Adding a genetic modification that gives you the power to take life with a touch only makes being a thirteen-year-old boy that much more challenging–especially if he can’t control his growing ability.

Zephron Carmichael would like nothing more than to have a normal life. But hiding out in the Northeast Hills trying to escape capture by the Industry—a rogue division of the New Government who want to exploit Zeph’s gift—is hardly the way to go about it. Life is okay on the small woodland farm he shares with his Uncle, but he’s tired of living under the shadow of his annoyingly perfect and bossy big sister, Lily, whose ability to heal makes her well respected and loved in the community. It also makes her another perfect target for the Industry.

As Zeph struggles to control the awesome and terrible power that’s growing inside him, he must find a way to protect his sister, find a place in the world, and make amends for a terrible wrong.



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Including the first three chapters of

Overcome Your Sedentary Lifestyle


Includes tips to keep you healthy—even if sitting is in your job description. This invaluable guide offers easy to implement solutions for proper work station set-up, exercises for injury prevention and treatment, and a practical plan for self-care success—whether you’re perched on the couch, or on the way to fulfilling your dreams.

Isn’t it time for you to stand up for your life?

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(A Savage Cinderella Novella-Book 5)

Liberty’s Promise, the fifth novella in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA series, continues the journey of kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brinn Hathaway. Rebounding from her previous near-death adventure, Brinn discovers a true appreciation for the complexities of relationships in her new world. Responding to the call from a friend in need, Brinn travels to New York City where her co-worker and current roomie, Detective Daniella Hernandez, is attending to a family crisis. When Dani’s old flame—a superior officer—threatens to destroy her career and her family’s legacy, Brinn vows to do whatever necessary to protect her friend.

Investigating a sergeant in the NYPD for his personal and criminal misconduct might be overstepping jurisdictional boundaries and not exactly a good career move. But bringing to justice the man who had once tormented her friend and righting an old wrong is worth the risk for Brinn. When it becomes clear the stalker won’t be an easy target, and that he’s willing to go to any lengths to escape his dark deeds, Brinn discovers that taking down one of New York’s finest could cost both women more than just their jobs.




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Each novella may be read as a stand alone story, but you’ll want to read the series from the beginning…


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Eighteen-year-old Brinn Hathaway has survived alone in an abandoned cabin in the High Country of North Georgia since she was a child. If her life is lonely and less than complete, at least she is safe from the man who kidnapped her, held her captive, and left her for dead in a shallow grave in the mountains. She believes that her parents are dead, the police are her enemy, and that if she returns to the world, her tormentor will find her. With the help of some unlikely friends, she has what she needs to survive, but is surviving enough?

Life takes a turn when a young nature photographer, Justin Spencer—in pursuit of the fabled Wild Child—captures her on film. While chasing the story of a lifetime, Justin is injured and Brinn comes to his rescue. The two build a tentative friendship, but with his own violent past, an abusive alcoholic father, and a mother he couldn’t protect, he must decide if proving himself is worth betraying the trust of the girl he has vowed to help.

Trust is a commodity that Brinn has been unable to afford. Can the kindness and gentle touch of a stranger break through the wall she has built around her heart? After half a lifetime of living in isolation and fear, Brinn must decide if leaving the safety of her remote cabin is worth the hope—and danger—that may await her.

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(A Savage Cinderella Novella-Book 1)


If you liked “Savage Cinderella”, you will love Finding Hope.

In Finding Hope, we pick up the story a year after Brinn’s return from the wild. As she and Justin struggle to work through her recovery, Brinn must come to terms with who she is and discover her place in this strange new world. When Cody asks for her help in solving a kidnapping case for the FBI, it brings her worst nightmares screaming to the surface. But will it be exactly what she needs to finally put it all behind her and move on? Or will it lead her down a path into a dangerous world? A child is missing…and time is running out.

Follow Brinn, Justin, Cody, and a cast of new characters through a series of novellas (30-40k word short novels). Each story will bring a new adventure, another crime to solve, and more danger for Brinn and company as they delve into the world of human trafficking.




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LOST BOYS (A Savage Cinderella Novella-Book 2)


Justin’s friend Cody has disappeared, and Brinn is determined to find out why. Despite an escalation in the tensions over Cody and Brinn’s complicated friendship, Justin agrees to join her on a journey that leads to the mysterious jungles of Colombia in search of the Marine turned FBI agent, where whispers of human trafficking bring them face to face with an old enemy.


Brinn and Justin join forces with friends to do the unthinkable—enter the dangerous jungle on a rescue mission, sparking a battle for the lives of nine young boys and a fight for their own survival. Brinn’s haunted past rears its ugly head as she is forced to once again take on a brutal killer. But in risking her life to save her friend, will she lose the one man who has sacrificed everything for her?




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(A Savage Cinderella Novella-Book 3)


In book three of the Savage Cinderella Novella Series, kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brianna Hathaway and friends, Justin, Cody, and Dani embark on a quest to search for a missing Marine, believed dead after having disappeared from his unit in Afghanistan. When he’s reportedly seen at a protest in Wyoming, where Native Americans are at odds with a mining company bent on destroying what could be a sacred burial ground, it’s up to Brinn to discover the truth and help the local tribe find justice.

But life becomes complicated when Brinn and the two men vying for her affections (Justin and Cody) are forced to face off with the corrupt mine developer and his hired guns—one of whom could be the man they’re looking for. Can they take on the powerful industrial complex to save sacred tribal lands from certain destruction?

What will be the cost to this band of brothers? And who will Brinn choose to be by her side through it all?

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(A Savage Cinderella Novella-Book 4)


Turning twenty should be cause for celebration, but for Brinn Hathaway—kidnap survivor turned rookie cop—all she wants is to be alone. At least that’s the plan when she hikes into the North Georgia High Country, desperately in need of respite from the complexities of relationships in the so called “civilized” world. With two guys taking up so much space in her head—and her heart—Brinn finds the call of the wild and the company of her trusty canine partner, Eliot, a balm to her soul. But going back to the cabin she spent eight long winters in may not be exactly the restful haven she hoped for.

When Brinn stumbles upon a young woman trapped in a desperate situation, she can’t help but get involved. Leaving the girl in the hands of two drug dealing brothers isn’t what a good cop would do—no matter the risk.  With no time to call for back-up, Brinn is forced to take on the ruthless duo alone. But after a failed rescue attempt, she soon finds herself in way over her head with no help in sight.




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