Welcome Sadie Hartwell!

Hi Readers,

Sadie and I met several years ago at a writer’s group at our local library when we were both working on our first novels and looking for good critique partners. (Yes, we also met Casey Wyatt and Katy Lee there!) That friendship blossomed and she has not only been an awesome critique partner, but a fabulous editor! She edited several of my books, including my Chronicles of Lily Carmichael Trilogy and some of my earlier novellas. Unfortunately, she became so popular as an editor, she’s made it a full-time job and is now working for a publishing house, which keeps her VERY busy. When she’s not in editing mode, she continues to write engaging and adventurous cozy mysteries. I hope you’ll give her a warm welcome!

Thanks for hosting me today, PJ!

I write cozy mysteries under two different pen names, the Greek to Me Mysteries written as Susannah Hardy, and the Tangled Web Mysteries written as Sadie Hartwell. My most recent book is A Knit Before Dying, in which my sleuth, yarn store owner Josie Blair, solves the murder of the owner of an antique store, and in the process also solves a decades-old cold case.

What’s a cozy mystery? The classic examples are Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple stories, Nancy Drew, and the television show Murder, She Wrote, and they are a lot of fun to write. (I didn’t say they were easy, by the way, but they are fun!)

In general, you will find the following elements in a cozy mystery:

  1. A crime is committed in a well-defined community (St. Mary Mead, River Heights, Cabot Cove), most often a small town with a cast of lovable, cranky, or quirky characters as residents.


  1. Usually the crime is murder—but the murder happens off-stage. The reader doesn’t see the attack happen or see the victim suffer. The violence itself is elegant: one bullet, a single knife wound, one poisoned cup of tea are enough to do the trick.


  1. Someone in town—our sleuth!—has a good reason to get involved in solving the mystery. Perhaps she has a close relationship with the victim, or she has information that the police refuse to believe, or she’s even a suspect herself, but she has a deep need/desire to see justice done.


  1. There are at least three suspects, all of whom had good reason to want the victim dead. This creates the puzzle that the sleuth must solve.


  1. All the clues necessary for solving the mystery are included in the story. Readers expect authors to play fair!


  1. The killer/criminal is always caught—and always faces consequences for what s/he has done. With very, very few exceptions, nobody gets away with committing a crime.


  1. By the end of the story, order and justice are restored—until the next book, when crime returns to our little town.


Why are these stories so popular? A few reasons.

First, readers love to solve puzzles, and that’s just what a good mystery is. When I construct a mystery, I start with the town and the sleuth (which in a series are already established). Then I create a victim, who is usually someone from out of town, or who has just moved to town, or is an expendable character who has lived there a long time. Now the fun begins, as I think about who that victim is, what his life story is, and what kind of trouble he might have gotten himself into. Then I think of 3 or 4 reasons someone might want him dead, and I create a suspect for each of those reasons. When the sleuth starts investigating, she’ll have to meet up with all the suspects in one way or another, and she’ll have to eliminate them—or think she’s eliminated them—until she’s evaluated and reevaluated all the clues she’s amassed. Then, surprise! A final twist, or a new way of looking at a previously eliminated clue, and the suspect is identified and confronted—then swept off to jail.

Second, the sleuth and the people in her little town become familiar to readers over the course of a series, like old friends. When I hear from readers, it’s almost never about the mystery itself, but almost always about how much they love the characters. That carefully constructed puzzle? Enjoyable, but that’s not what readers remember.

And third, remember what I said about order being restored? That’s the biggie. In a world that is pretty darn scary right now for a lot of reasons, a cozy mystery always delivers a heaping helping of justice. The sleuth figures it out. Criminals get caught. Always. That certainty is a comfort to readers when so much else in their real lives is out of control.

And that, dear readers, is why I love the cozies, and why I write them. I hope you’ll give my books a try! If you read cozies, what is your favorite series? (You can name as many favorites as you want. Cozies are like potato chips—you can’t read just one).

Ellie the Tuxedo Cat

About the Author…

Sadie Hartwell writes the Tangled Web Mysteries. As Susannah Hardy, she writes the Greek to Me Mysteries. At her home in Connecticut, which she shares with her family and a mischievous tuxedo cat named Ellie, she gets to play with yarn, experiment with recipes, and make up stories all day, and wishes everyone had a job as fun as hers. 





Sadie Hartwell’s Amazon Page

Susannah Hardy’s Amazon Page

Website: www.sadiehartwell.com

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Welcome Casey Wyatt!

Hey Readers,

Casey and I first met at a writers group at a local library when we were both just wrapping our heads around the idea of writing toward publication. Pragmatic, super smart, and a total geek (in the best way), she’s been a valued critique partner, fellow Scribe, and all around awesome part of my writing “tribe” for over a decade. I’m so happy to have her here and to introduce you to her fabulous books. Although she usually writes action-packed fantasy, she’s trying her hand at Contemporary Romance and I can’t wait to read her latest release, Over Easy. I’ll let her tell you all about it…

Hey everyone!

Casey here. Thank you for having me PJ!

Sometimes life gives you second chances because you weren’t ready the first time.”

Some wise person said that. I chose it because my latest release, Over Easy, embodies this idea.

As PJ mentioned, while I mostly write paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels, I like to try new things.  In 2014, Over Easy was my first toe dip into writing contemporary romance. I thought it would be cool to learn to write in a universe where my characters don’t have to save the world. Instead, they have to save themselves—which is not as easy to do when you can’t blow things up or use magic.

Stretch goals. Just bring’em.

So I wrote the book. I rewrote the book. Then rewrote it again.

Audra Harper and Dash Grant were essentially the same characters in each version, but the plot wasn’t strong enough. They weren’t strong enough either. And I wasn’t ready to tell their tale. I had to improve my craft, which is a never ending pursuit.

I set the book aside after those three very different rewrites, after loads of advice from my fellow writers, and after lots of requests from agents/editors. In the end, no dice. I had to face reality, the book was a jumbled mess. I chalked it up to my lack of ability and returned to the safe world of paranormal romance and urban fantasy (much to my editor’s relief.)

And then a funny thing happened while I wrote my next books: Dead Girls Don’t Sing, Chase’s Fire and Misfortunate Soul (all second books in existing series), I found my mojo again. I hit an emotional resonance with those worlds and characters that I hadn’t found before.

In 2019, I decided it was time to rewrite Over Easy. But first, I challenged myself further – I wrote a novella. Which was even more terrifying than a full length novel. Rewrite the Stars, which takes place on a cruise ship in a shared world (Heart of the Sea), ended up being a contemporary romance about an astronomer and a billionaire. Fun, flirty and fast, the book proved I could nail a romance without needing a lot of words or blowing things up.


I’m glad I gave Over Easy another chance. Audra and Dash tackle the idea that, maybe they needed to fail before they could succeed. A lesson I had to learn too.

Who hasn’t wondered “what if?” And which of us hasn’t yearned for another chance to “get it right” or “to start over.”

I am actually not a believer in regrets (mostly a waste of time.) But I am a big believer in do-overs. Otherwise, how else would I have ended up adopting seven cats?  Okay, that is a story for another day. And, no, I didn’t get them all at the same time.


Aren’t they cute?


But like the cats that turned up at my door or ended up in shelters, I think some of the best stories are when we get a chance to start over. In Over Easy, Audra and Dash have baggage. They aren’t perfect and they don’t have rose colored glasses when it comes to each other. And, despite that, they find their happily ever after.

And who doesn’t love that?


Here’s a bit about the book…

What’s that saying? Never say never?
I never thought I’d return to my hometown Somerset, Vermont. I left twelve years earlier without a backward glance. Too many bad memories, not enough good. Now, I’m a celebrity chef in between gigs ready to pay back a karmic debt by becoming co-owner of the town’s fading diner, Over Easy.
I also never planned to find my former high school flame, Audra Harper, still in town and still working at her uncle’s diner. She’s sexier and more desirable than a decade earlier.
Too bad I left her behind without saying goodbye. All I can hope is she’s forgotten me and never learns the truth behind my abrupt exit.
Only, she hasn’t forgotten me. And the more time we spend together, the harder it is for me to resist her. The harder it is to want to leave.
I don’t intend to hurt Audra again, but if the mistakes from my past come to light,  the decision will be made for me and our second chance will vanish.
Available at Amazon 

Or find it at other e-book retailers HERE


I can’t be the only one who adores second chances. I’d love to hear your favorite second chance story!

Casey Wyatt grew up in a mid-size Connecticut town where nothing exciting ever happened. To stem the boredom, she read fantasy and sci-fi stories, imagining her own adventures in her head. Not much has changed since she’s grown up, only now she’s a multi-published author of paranormal romance and urban fantasy novels. In her spare time, she loves all things geeky, hangs out in museums, and collects stray cats.


To receive advance notice about new releases and special sales, subscribe to Casey’s Newsletter or visit her website at www.caseywyatt.com

You can also find Casey here…

Blog: https://caseywyatt.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/caseywyattbooks/

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Welcome Katy Lee!

I promised you all a once a month treat of introducing you to new authors you may not know. Katy Lee and I have been friends since long before either of us caught the writing bug and I will tell you with extreme bias, she is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She may not be a newbie to the writing scene, but if you haven’t read any of her books yet, they will quickly become your latest obsession! She writes heartwarming and inspiring stories filled with action, adventure, sweet romance, and characters you won’t soon forget.

Welcome Katy Lee!

Hello Readers,

I am Katy Lee, writer of sweet romance and high-speed suspense. Thank you, PJ for inviting me to share about my latest Amish suspense. Yes, I said Amish suspense. Think Harrison Ford in the movie Witness. And if you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. But before I talk about Amish Country Undercover, I want to share about my most recent trip with my two teenage daughters.

I have an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old. Both girls are graduating this spring, one from high school and one from college. My oldest is looking at grad school and wanted to see a school in Miami, FL. This New Englander doesn’t blame her for wanting to spend the next couple years in the Sunshine State, and after the week we spent on the island, I just might join her. (Just kidding 😉)

While there we made the best of the warm weather and toured around Miami in a 1956 Chevy. We even dressed for the ride in our vintage dresses. My oldest daughter loves vintage clothing and keeps an Instagram page called VintageFishLady with all her collections. Besides spending time on the beautiful South Beach, we also kicked up our heels for some Salsa and Bachata dancing. The night life is amazingly fun there. I’m pretty sure she will love being a part of the scene on a regular basis, (If she chooses that school). But no matter where she ends up, I know she will inspire many as well as be inspired. It’s the one thing I will miss the most when she is gone. The camaraderie and support our little group of girls has. The support of family is a wonderful blessing and gift. Being there for each other on good days and bad, and the fun we have on our trips around the world, or just cruising around town.

Which leads me to…Amish Country Undercover.

Grace Miller has a father with dementia and is watching him slip away more and more each day. He doesn’t remember her, but she has a lifetime of memories of him. The Amish take care of their elderly and consider it an important responsibility, but dementia and Alzheimer’s is heartbreaking for anyone. Whereas I will see my daughter again, Grace fears her Daed is gone forever. It is unimaginable.

And so is the danger that befalls on Grace’s door when someone frames her for the horse thefts in her community…then nearly kills her. Amish Country Undercover is a race to the finish for Grace, all while she holds her father close to care for him. He is all that matters to her, and the handsome FBI man who comes to arrest her is growing on her too.

I do hope you will check out Grace’s story. It’s in stores on February 1st.

You can pre-order it now at Amazon or Barnes & Noble!




Thanks again for being here. I would love to hear about your family stories of the important people in your life. After all, they are what matters most.


Katy Lee has published eighteen thrilling and inspiring mystery and suspense novels. She loves to knit warm woolly things and enjoys traveling around the globe. Katy is a two-time RITA® Award nominee and two-time Daphne du Maurier award nominee for excellence in suspense. She also has multiple award wins, including the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award and the Selah Award for her suspense novel Blindsided. Her website is KatyLeeBooks.com


Coming soon!

Hey All,

Great to be back connecting with readers. First off, I want to thank you for the feedback regarding my latest release, LIBERTY’S PROMISE, the fifth novella in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA series. Your support means so much to me and I’m glad to hear from those of you who’ve enjoyed Brinn’s journey.

If you liked the story, I hope you’ll consider leaving reviews on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, or Goodreads 

Reviews are the best way to say ‘thank you’ for all the hard work authors put into their books, since it helps spread the word and leads new readers to find us. Your help is greatly appreciated!

As a way to thank you, I’m planning to introduce you to some wonderful writers I’ve become acquainted with through the years. Once a month, I’ll host a guest author who will share personal stories about their lives and writing and they’ll showcase their latest books with you. Stay tuned for a great lineup of stellar authors and fabulous books!

Beginning with my pal, Katy Lee. She’ll be here on January 28th to announce the release of her latest book, Amish Country Undercover. I know…Amish suspense…who knew? Katy’s books are full of action, adventure, sweet romance, and unique characters you’ll fall in love with! I hope you’ll stop by and visit while she’s here.

Until then, stay warm and curl up with a good book!

Peace and blessings,



Welcome Keta Diablo to my Blog!

Hello Readers,

I’ve got a treat for you today. First off, the winner of my “Social Justice” goody bag is…

Katie from Maine! Thanks so much all who subscribe to my newsletter and have continued to support me and my books. I’m truly grateful to each and every one of you!!

Thanks to ALL my newsletter subscribers for sticking with me! More thank you gifts coming soon.

For today, please welcome my guest author of the month, Keta Diablo. She’s here to share her latest release, I SPY A DEMON.

Here’s a bit about the book…

When twins Cecily and Calder Sizemore’s parents are killed in a car accident, they’re adopted by the Frost family—Gus, Mae and their sons, Marcel and Elliott.  Over the years, Cecily’s love for Marcel evolves into anything but sisterly.

Cecily always knew something was amiss in the Frost household. Little things belied the calm, peaceful ambiance Mae did her best to portray. Calder tried to warn her things were not as they appeared but she didn’t want to believe him. When Calder begs her to leave Des Moines, start a new life away from the secrets, away from the Frosts and away from Marcel, she takes his advice and her shattered heart and moves to Minnesota.

Now she’s been called home for her beloved brother’s funeral. There’s more to the story than meets the eye. Discrepancies in how her twin died lead her back to Des Moines, and back to Marcel―the boy who stole her heart, the man whose very presence turns her blood to liquid fire. Marcel has always kept dangerous secrets, but this time, Cecily is determined to uncover the truth about the Frosts… and the truth about how Calder really died.
She’ll find out what happened to her brother, even if it’s her last act in life.

Doesn’t it sound good?

Available only at Amazon (FREE on Kindle Unlimited)

Here’s a sample…

Chapter One

“We therefore commit Calder Sizemore’s body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust….”

The cloying scents of damp earth and lilies spiraled up Cecily’s nose.  Overhead, a pitiless sun bore down on the mourners gathered around her brother’s casket—familiar faces she’d known forever, lived with and loved. She fought back the bile rising in her throat and prayed the minister would come to the end of the service before her knees buckled.

To her left, stood Mae Frost, her mother’s best friend and the woman who had raised her and Calder after their parents died. As if Mae could read her thoughts, the woman squeezed her hand, an unspoken sign of moral support and unconditional love.  She would expect nothing less from Mae, and had received nothing less for the past twenty years. If Mae’s husband, Gus, were here, she would receive the same outpouring of love from him. In essence, Gus was in attendance, not above the ground but below. And now Calder would rest beside the man through all eternity.

“And so, shall we ever be with the Lord.”

Dear God, when will he say Amen?

While a thousand questions burned through her mind, she stared at the burgundy coffin with its hideous spray of red roses, yellow lilies and white orchids. How could she go on without Calder, the other half of her soul, her womb mate, the one person who had always been there through the highs and lows of her life? What was he doing in St. Louis when he died and who was with him at the end? She had to know what kind of an accident had taken his life.

That’s the word Mae used—accident—when she called her in Minnesota to deliver the dreadful news. ‘We’ve booked a morning flight to Des Moines,’ she’d said. ‘The ticket is in your name and waiting for you at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport, Delta Airlines ticket counter.’ Numb with shock and grief, Cecily had pressed Mae for details but the woman circumvented her question. Why should she be surprised? The entire Frost family held Masters’ Degrees when it came to dodging and ducking topics they didn’t wish to discuss. ‘We’ll be waiting for you at the airport when you arrive,” she’d said and then ended their conversation.

This time, she wouldn’t allow them to circumvent her questions. She’d find out how her brother really died, with her last breath if need be.

Meet the author…

Keta Diablo lives in the Midwest part of the United States on six acres of gorgeous woodland. When she isn’t writing or gardening, she loves to commune with nature. A pair of barn owls returns to the property every year to birth their young and show them off in the high branches of the oak trees. Nothing more adorable than these white fluffy babies with heart-shaped faces. A lifelong animal lover, Keta devotes her time and support to the local animal shelter. Emma LaPounce, a rescued feline, has been her furry companion for the last ten years.

Keta is an award-winning and bestselling author who writes in several genres: Western Romance, Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance and Contemporary Romance. In a past life, she wrote Gay Romance. Her books have received numerous accolades, including RWA contest finalist, Authors After Dark finalist, Top Pick of the Month and Recommended Review from many top review sites, and Best Romance Finalist from The Independent Author Network.  

 Ps: For some strange reason, ghosts often show up in her stories.

Keta would love to have you follow her on the Net:

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Sign up for her NEWSLETTER!

Thanks so much for visiting today, Keta.

Keta is available to respond to comments so if you have questions for her about her books, her writer’s life, or her fabulous fluffy kitty, Emma LaPounce, feel free to leave a comment below!

And stay tuned for news on next month’s guest author…

Peace and blessings,


Now Available!

Hey Gang,

I’m back with more info on LIBERTY’S PROMISE, book five in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA series.

I’m not sure if there is anything more exciting (or nerve-wracking) in a writer’s life than the release of a new book. The culmination of months of blood, sweat, and tears, the constant wrestling with the “doubt-monster”, and managing the million details that go into launching a book all makes me wonder why in heaven’s name we continue to do it. But the truth is, writers write because we have character’s in our heads and stories to tell that won’t leave us alone, and we have a driving need to share them with readers, hoping our stories will bring some measure of joy, comfort, entertainment, or even healing to others. It has been that driving force and the positive comments from readers that have kept me writing through thirteen books!

Writing is somewhat of a lonely pursuit and requires a focus inward that sometimes leaves us feeling as if we live in cave (thus the term “writer’s cave”). But once a book is out there, it is incumbent upon us introverted writers to reconnect with our readers, reach out to other writers, and engage once more with the world at large. That’s why I’m going to open my blog up to guest authors. As much as I want to pay it forward for all the help and support I’ve had from others, I also want to take the opportunity to introduce readers to other great books and the authors who write them! Watch in the coming weeks for a post from my friend Keta Diablo (isn’t that an awesome name for a romance writer!?) who recently released a new novel, I SPY A DEMON.

(And who happens to be hosting me at her blog this week!)

Keta’s books may be a little steamy for my younger readers but for those who like their romance on the hot side, she’s definitely worth a try! Learn more about Keta later this month or visit her website.

In the mean time, I promised you links where you can find LIBERTY’S PROMISE, now available for purchase at all your favorite e-book retailers. It’s also available in PRINT!


Liberty’s Promise, the fifth novella in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA series continues the journey of kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brinn Hathaway. Rebounding from her previous near-death adventure, Brinn travels to New York City where her co-worker and current roomie, Detective Daniella Hernandez, is attending to a family crisis. When Dani’s old flame—a superior officer—threatens to destroy her career and her family’s legacy, Brinn vows to do whatever necessary to protect her friend.

Investigating a sergeant in the NYPD for his personal and criminal misconduct might be overstepping jurisdictional boundaries and not exactly a good career move. But bringing to justice the man who had once tormented her friend and righting an old wrong is worth the risk for Brinn. When it becomes clear the serial stalker won’t be an easy target, and that he’s willing to go to any lengths to escape his dark deeds, Brinn discovers that taking down one of New York’s finest could cost both women more than just their jobs.


Amazon      B&N      Apple     Kobo

Only $2.99

Print copies available at Amazon


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I’m so grateful to each and every one of you for sticking with me, urging me to write the next book, and leaving reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, B&N or other retailers. Honest reviews are always welcome!

Peace and blessings,


Pre-order and a Giveaway!

Hey Readers,
I’m happy to announce that LIBERTY’S PROMISE, (A Savage Cinderella Novella, #5) is now available for pre-order if you’d like it delivered to your Kindle next Friday, November 29th. Of course, it will also be available at B&N, Kobo, and Apple at that time. Anyone interested in receiving an advanced reader copy in exchange for an honest review posted within the first week of release, please leave a message that you’re interested in doing so in the comments section below and I’ll get a copy right out to you!

Here’s the skinny on the book…

Liberty’s Promise, the fifth novella in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA series continues the journey of kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brinn Hathaway. Rebounding from her previous near-death adventure, Brinn travels to New York City where her co-worker and current roomie, Detective Daniella Hernandez, is attending to a family crisis. When Dani’s old flame—a superior officer—threatens to destroy her career and her family’s legacy, Brinn vows to do whatever necessary to protect her friend.

Investigating a sergeant in the NYPD for his personal and criminal misconduct might be overstepping jurisdictional boundaries and not exactly a good career move. But bringing to justice the man who had once tormented her friend—and who continues to pose a threat—is worth the risk for Brinn. When it becomes clear the serial stalker won’t be an easy target, and that he’s willing to go to any lengths to escape his dark deeds, Brinn discovers that taking down one of New York’s finest could cost both women more than just their jobs.


Pre-order now on AMAZON

Read the first chapter for free on Wattpad!

I’ve been in writing and editing mode for quite a while. It always feels as if I’m coming out of a cave when it’s finally time to release a book, lol. But now that I’m out and about, I’d like to show a little reader appreciation. In honor of the release of this final (for now) installment in the SAVAGE CINDERELLA series, I’m doing a giveaway just in time for the holidays.

Since social justice issues are at the heart of the series, I’m giving away a “social justice” goody-bag to one of my readers as a ‘Thank you’. The prize will include a signed copy of one of my novels (reader’s choice), and items showcasing environmental protection, women’s empowerment, wounded warriors, support of indigenous communities, and other social justice topics included in my stories. Just sign up for my newsletter and you’ll be in the running! A winner will be chosen on December 15th at midnight.

If you haven’t read the series yet, you can get the first book SAVAGE CINDERELLA, as a FREE download at the following links…

AMAZON   Amazon UK     B&N     KOBO

Find information and purchase links for the rest of the books in the series, FINDING HOPE, LOST BOYS, SACRED GROUND, and BROKEN  ANGEL by visiting my Contemporary YA/NA page.

I guess that’s it for now. Feel free to share my good news and I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving, however you celebrate!

Peace and blessings,


Cover Reveal for LIBERTY’s PROMISE

Welcome Readers,

I know it’s been ages since I’ve updated my blog. I’ve been busy writing the next novella in my SAVAGE CINDERELLA series. With fall upon us, I’m deep in edits and can’t wait to deliver the final chapter (for now) of Brinn’s story. I am satisfied with where she leaves off in this book. I hope you will be too!

It has been an amazing adventure to see Brinn through her growth and recovery since I discovered her in the wilds of North Georgia in 2012. I won’t give anything vital away, but I felt like Brinn’s story came to a natural conclusion in this fifth novella. At least it feels like a good place to take a pause. If you’ve been enjoying the series, have no fear, there is always room for new adventures and more books down the road!

For now, here is the fabulous cover for this latest installment…


(Book 5 in the Savage Cinderella Novella Series)


Liberty’s Promise continues the journey of kidnap survivor turned rookie cop, Brinn Hathaway. After barely escaping with her life after her previous case, Brinn travels to New York City where her co-worker and current roomie, Detective Daniella Hernandez, is attending to a family crisis. When Dani’s old flame—a superior officer—threatens to destroy her career and her family’s legacy, Brinn vows to do whatever necessary to protect her friend.

Investigating a sergeant in the NYPD for his personal and criminal misconduct might be overstepping jurisdictional boundaries and not exactly a good career move. But bringing to justice the man who had once tormented her friend and righting an old wrong is worth the risk for Brinn. When it becomes clear the serial stalker won’t be an easy target, and that he’s willing to go to any lengths to escape his dark deeds, Brinn discovers that taking down one of New York’s finest could cost both women more than just their jobs.


Watch for a release date and pre-order links to come…

If you haven’t read the other books in the series, now is a great time to get started. The original novel, SAVAGE CINDERELLA is available for FREE download. You can get the first four novellas for your Kindle for only $5.98

Also, don’t forget it’s almost harvest time and I’ll be at the Granville Harvest Fair in Granville, MA. on October 12-14th. Stop by for a meet and greet the author, signed copies, and treats!

Peace and blessings,