Welcome Katy Lee!

I promised you all a once a month treat of introducing you to new authors you may not know. Katy Lee and I have been friends since long before either of us caught the writing bug and I will tell you with extreme bias, she is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. She may not be a newbie to the writing scene, but if you haven’t read any of her books yet, they will quickly become your latest obsession! She writes heartwarming and inspiring stories filled with action, adventure, sweet romance, and characters you won’t soon forget.

Welcome Katy Lee!

Hello Readers,

I am Katy Lee, writer of sweet romance and high-speed suspense. Thank you, PJ for inviting me to share about my latest Amish suspense. Yes, I said Amish suspense. Think Harrison Ford in the movie Witness. And if you haven’t seen the movie, I highly recommend it. But before I talk about Amish Country Undercover, I want to share about my most recent trip with my two teenage daughters.

I have an 18-year-old and a 19-year-old. Both girls are graduating this spring, one from high school and one from college. My oldest is looking at grad school and wanted to see a school in Miami, FL. This New Englander doesn’t blame her for wanting to spend the next couple years in the Sunshine State, and after the week we spent on the island, I just might join her. (Just kidding 😉)

While there we made the best of the warm weather and toured around Miami in a 1956 Chevy. We even dressed for the ride in our vintage dresses. My oldest daughter loves vintage clothing and keeps an Instagram page called VintageFishLady with all her collections. Besides spending time on the beautiful South Beach, we also kicked up our heels for some Salsa and Bachata dancing. The night life is amazingly fun there. I’m pretty sure she will love being a part of the scene on a regular basis, (If she chooses that school). But no matter where she ends up, I know she will inspire many as well as be inspired. It’s the one thing I will miss the most when she is gone. The camaraderie and support our little group of girls has. The support of family is a wonderful blessing and gift. Being there for each other on good days and bad, and the fun we have on our trips around the world, or just cruising around town.

Which leads me to…Amish Country Undercover.

Grace Miller has a father with dementia and is watching him slip away more and more each day. He doesn’t remember her, but she has a lifetime of memories of him. The Amish take care of their elderly and consider it an important responsibility, but dementia and Alzheimer’s is heartbreaking for anyone. Whereas I will see my daughter again, Grace fears her Daed is gone forever. It is unimaginable.

And so is the danger that befalls on Grace’s door when someone frames her for the horse thefts in her community…then nearly kills her. Amish Country Undercover is a race to the finish for Grace, all while she holds her father close to care for him. He is all that matters to her, and the handsome FBI man who comes to arrest her is growing on her too.

I do hope you will check out Grace’s story. It’s in stores on February 1st.

You can pre-order it now at Amazon or Barnes & Noble!




Thanks again for being here. I would love to hear about your family stories of the important people in your life. After all, they are what matters most.


Katy Lee has published eighteen thrilling and inspiring mystery and suspense novels. She loves to knit warm woolly things and enjoys traveling around the globe. Katy is a two-time RITA® Award nominee and two-time Daphne du Maurier award nominee for excellence in suspense. She also has multiple award wins, including the Inspirational Reader’s Choice Award and the Selah Award for her suspense novel Blindsided. Her website is KatyLeeBooks.com



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