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I’d like to introduce you to Rhonda Hopkins, a wonderful author and all-around big-hearted person I met in an online self-publishing forum when I first began writing. We’ve remained in touch and worked on several multi-author projects together over the years.

One of the greatest perks of self-publishing is that we aren’t limited to writing in only one genre. Rhonda has embraced that privilege and her stories are creative, well-written, fun, and action-packed. Give her a big welcome  by leaving a comment, and let’s see what she has for us today!

Finding light within the darkness…

Rhonda Hopkins is an award-winning author of Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, Cozy Mysteries, and Nonfiction for adults, teens/young adult, and middle grade. She uses her past experience as an investigator to craft characters that are diverse and full of life, along with situations that include the dark and the light side of humanity. Rhonda especially enjoys finding that light – the hope and spirit of survival in everyday people.

Rhonda’s nonfiction can be found at Navigating Family Court.


Rhonda’s latest is a YA Cozy Mystery! I think this is a fabulous idea and an as yet untapped genre…just sayin’.

Let’s Meet Rhonda!

I’ve lived in small towns in Texas my whole life. I even lived in a small town in East Texas for a while. It wasn’t in the Piney Woods, but it had a similar feel. And, I guarantee small towns really do have quirky characters like you read about in cozy mysteries. I’ve met plenty of them. I won’t say any of my characters are modeled after those I’ve met. But, I won’t say they aren’t, either.

I grew up reading Nancy Drew, so maybe that’s why I ended up doing investigations for a living before devoting my time to writing. And, it’s probably why I have a fondness for this new series and a teen girl who investigates mysteries. Of course, I also grew up watching Bewitched, so adding in some magical mayhem seemed like the thing to do.

I have really had fun writing this series and getting to know the characters. I hope you will love them as much as I do.

The first book, A Witchy Surprise, is now available for pre-order.


A Witchy Surprise: Witches of Whispering Pines, Book One

Unreliable Magic + Bad Guys = Unpredictable Mayhem

I’m Charlie and I come from a long line of witches – including my talented mother and my quirky (okay, some say crazy) great-grandmother who likes to wreak havoc just for fun. Having reached the ripe old age of sixteen without getting my powers, I thought the “witchy” gene had skipped me.

Well, I did until the magic exploded out of me when two men dumping a body grabbed my sister and best friend while we were walking through the woods. We got away, but my magic is all wonky and If I don’t learn to control it, my family’s centuries-old, witchy secret will be exposed.

Then there’s Kaleb. We’ve been friends since kindergarten, but all of a sudden I can’t seem to put together a coherent sentence around him. I am not falling for him. I’m not. Oh, who I am kidding? I’m totally falling for him.

I really don’t need all these distractions when there’s the small matter of the two men from the woods trying to silence us forever. If only I could get my rebellious powers under control I might be able to keep us safe. No pressure though, right?

A Witchy Surprise is the first book in the Witches of Whispering Pines young adult cozy mystery series. If you like magic, quirky characters, and small-town mysteries, you’re sure to enjoy A Witchy Surprise.

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Thanks so much for joining us, Rhonda! Great to have you here. Okay, Readers, any questions, comments, or “witch” related stories you’d like to share with my guest?


  1. Thank you so much for the interview and sharing my upcoming release, PJ!

  2. I don’t usually read YA but this looks like a fun new series. I preordered the book. Best of luck with it, Rhonda! Hugs from Florida!!

  3. Happy to have you, Rhonda! Best of luck with the series:-)

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