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Hello Dear Readers,

February is one of my favorite months. I like to think of it as the gateway to Spring, and a month of celebration. Not only is it the month of celebrating my birth, it's also a time to focus on one of my favorite topics...LOVE!  Some might say that Valentine's Day is one of those frivolous holidays meant only for sappy romantics, but for those of us who write...and read romance, Valentine's Day is just one more excuse to bask in the glow of a pheromone-stimulating love story.

2015 Valentine Day Event BannerFrom February 13-15th, I'll be sharing the season of love with my author friends from the Addictive Reads group. Stop by the Main Events Page of our site and enter to win some great prizes! In addition to a $50 dinner for two gift certificate, we have a prize pack of e-books and two $25 gift cards to award! You can also hop over to the individual author sites, pick up a few more prizes and get some ideas for that perfect Valentine's gift. Click on the icon below for links to other participating authors, but don't go yet! First, let me share what I think are great Valentine's Day gift ideas and leave a comment to enter to win The GIRLS of THOMPSON LAKE, my box set of contemporary YA romances.

Here are my faves!

1) Godiva dark chocolate truffles. OMG! Yum!

2) Victoria's Secret gift card. Not that I need anything sexier than skin to rile up the natives, but I do love VS's undies.

3) A day at the beach...yes...even in winter. This is the perfect time of year for a walk on the beach. Nothing rejuvenates me more than a sunny day by the ocean.

4) A romantic dinner out. No calorie counting. Enough said.

5) Tickets to a show. Not a big screen movie, but an actual live show, play, or concert. Something cultural that we don't often do. Even a trip to a museum can stir up the romantic in me.

Gifts to give my mate:

1) A heartfelt, hand-written card is always well-received and has brought a tear to my husband's eye more than once.

2) A massage. Whether you give him one yourself, or buy him one from a licensed practitioner, he will greatly appreciate it. You'd think that me being a massage therapist by trade, my darling man would get treated frequently. But as the shoemaker's children go with holes in their shoes, my husband's yearly massages can be counted on a few fingers. In fairness, he doesn't ask for them often and when I offer, he mostly refuses, citing, "You do this all day at work, honey. You shouldn't have to come home and do it here." That man is a gem, for sure!

3) Time spent at the gun range. This is actually an enjoyable outing for both of us, but nothing is sexier to a man  than a woman with a long as she's aiming down range.

4) Auto accessories. Men love their vehicles. My husband is great about supplying me with the latest tech gear for my car, but he often will go without for himself. This is a great excuse for me to pick up a new set of speakers for his ride, a cool steering wheel cover, or some custom floor mats.

5) Let's face it; all most guys want on Valentine's Day is to be reminded that they are wanted, appreciated, and loved. For most men, this translates into one-on-one steamy time with their woman. This is not rocket science, ladies:-)

So, what is your favorite gift to give and receive for Valentine's Day?

PJSharon_TheGirlsOfThompsonLake3DBoxSet_200pxShare in the comments below to be entered to win a copy of The GIRLS of THOMPSON LAKE Box Set, which includes the award-winning Young Adult novels HEAVEN is for HEROES, ON THIN ICE, and PIECES OF LOVE . Even though the holidays are behind us, a sweet Christmas story can always lift your spirits. Added as bonus content in this box set, and tying all the main characters into one heartwarming holiday novella, SAMI’S CHRISTMAS WISH LIST will have you rooting for our troubled teen heroines and falling in love right alongside them. You can read the first chapter of the novella on Wattpad.

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I hope you'll be spending the weekend with someone special. But if you're alone, don't be sad. I'm a firm believer that love happens in its own time and that we need to take advantage of our solo years and use them to get to know ourselves better. To truly be able to love someone else, we need to first learn to love ourselves. In the meantime, why not hang out with us and get wrapped up in a good romance novel?

What's the best Valentine's gift you've ever received?


  1. One of the best Valentine presents was a ticket to a Jimmy
    Buffet concert Awesome

  2. subscribed to newsletter and following blog. Best Valentine present was a weekend in the poconos

  3. The best gifts I’ve ever received are the ones from my son as he was growing up! They were usually just cards, but they were home-made and from the heart!

  4. Best Valentine’s gift was the year my hubby had our baby girl scribble on a card he’d made out of construction paper. Besides the scribble of her name, she colored it too. Still have it!

    books4me67 at ymail dot com

  5. I love the “Nothing is sexier to a man than a woman with a gun.” My hubby actually said to me not to long ago, “Put you in plaid flannel and a gun in your and man, that’s hot.” LOL So I got us a 1 hr groupon pkg at a local firing range. Now I just have to schedule us to go. 🙂

    #5 makes me laugh, too. Because it’s SO true!

  6. Valentines Best Gift is something from the heart, Not a pick up at a local corner store

  7. I signed up for your newsletter. Your name is new to me…looking forward to discovering your books.

  8. gift cards
    already signed up for newsletter

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  9. Roses were the best gift ever on Valentine’s Day.

  10. I got a box of only milk chocolate candy–I hate dark chocolate. Subscribed to Blog and already signed up for newsletter.

  11. Thanks for sharing the valentine gift ideas.

  12. Nice post, many of important things you discuss in this article

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