Falling into Winter

The leaves are pretty much down now, but man has it been a fabulous fall.
fall scape 2013 The colors, the warmer-than-normal temps, and the slow build up to this weeks first hard frost. My porch plants have finally succumbed to the elements and I’ve had to move them to the compost pile. Sigh….transitions, transitions.

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November is one of those transitional months that always leaves me feeling a little sad. It’s the time of year when I lost my mom to brain cancer when I was only sixteen–a sad time in my life for sure. But it’s also the time to say goodbye to warmer weather and usher in the winter wonderland that will be the Berkshires in no time at all. Yes, I’m prepping for a deep freeze this winter.

As much as I want to hibernate, I still have work to do. We’re pretty much winterized already, but I still have a few last minute lawn chores to take care of and gardening preparations to make before the snow flies. It’s time to put on my studded snow tires, put away my kayak rack for the season, and stock up on soups.

On the writing front, I’ve just finished the first draft of PIECES OF LOVE, my contemporary YA romance about sixteen year-old Alexis Hartman who is struggling with the loss of her sister who accidentally overdoses in college. Ali’s wall of denial includes a pot smoking habit that causes trouble with the law and pushes her already fragile mother over the edge. To avoid exiling her to juvenile detention, Ali’s mom sends her to stay with her grandmother in Malibu. But when Ali can’t help herself from being drawn to trouble, Grandma Maddie has other ideas–a Mediterranean cruise–for seniors.

Yes, there is humor, family drama, a sweet romance, and lessons in healing and love that will hopefully stay with you long after you put down the book.

While I’m heading into revisions for PIECES OF LOVE, I’m also participating in NaNoWrimo, National Novel Writing Month, where together with a few hundred thousand other writers, I’m working toward a 50,000 word first draft (or at least a good chunk of the first draft) of the third book in the Chronicles of Lily Carmichael trilogy–as yet unnamed. I’d love any suggestions you may have for a title. My first and second choice, respectively, were RISING TIDE and STORM SURGE, but both are common titles and have recently been used. I’m sure it will come to me as I delve deeper into the story, but if you have suggestions, leave them in the comments section below. It would probably be helpful if you read the blurb for WANING MOON and WESTERN DESERT to get an idea for the tone and theme of the story. As I’m writing the beginning scenes, I’m already having so much fun meeting some new characters and creating adventures with Lily and the gang. I’ll share more as the story unfolds.

Also this month, in honor of Veterans Day, I’m celebrating HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES, a sweet contemporary romance about a seventeen year-old girl who sets out to help a wounded Marine remember how her brother, and his best friend, died in Iraq. Jordie and Alex’s story of friendship, first love, family drama, and discovery will warm your heart and have you rooting for them on every page.

With underlying themes of loyalty, friendship, healing, and redemption, this story ends with a Thanksgiving celebration sure to keep readers warm through even the chilliest of Novembers. If you’re looking for a sweet holiday read for you or someone you love, this one is for you.

Kristan Higgins, NYT and USA Today Bestselling author says,

“Filled with the complex emotions of grief, confusion and first love, HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES is a rich, uplifting story that will touch a reader’s heart.”

4.5 stars on 26 Amazon Customer Reviews

This book has received the IndiePENdents seal of approval for quality Indie fiction.

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Available in e-book and print at the following retailers:


Also available on audio at AMAZON, Audible, and i-Tunes

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Partial proceeds of November’s sales of HEAVEN IS FOR HEROES will go to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

This is a project near and dear to my heart since my dad was a wounded Veteran. Thank you for your purchase and thanks for helping out wounded Vets. We owe them a great debt of gratitude for their service. Blessings to all who serve in our armed forces!

In keeping with my tradition of the past few years, this Friday, November 8th, I’ll be at the Berkshire Rehabilitation Center in Sandisfield, MA, hanging out with the residents there, most of whom are Veterans. I had the great pleasure of teaching seated yoga classes there for several years and the guys are always happy to have me back to do a reading and sign some books for them. The staff are as hooked on my stories as the residents are, LOL.

So that’s where I’ll be and what I’ll be doing this month.

What are you up to?

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I love hearing from readers!