Cover Reveal and a Theme Song

Thank you so much for joining me to celebrate today!

The excitement has been building for months, and I can finally share two pieces of my PIECES of LOVE  project. Of course, the launch for the actual book won’t take place until June 21st, but for today, I’m happy to share my lovely cover with you.

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Drum roll, please }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Ta Da!

Cover Reveal!

Cover reveal!

Didn’t Kim Killion and the folks over at the Killion Group do a fabulous job? I’m very happy with the final result. I love to hear from you all about what you like and yes, even what you don’t, so feel free to leave an honest comment below. I truly appreciate any and all feedback. It’s the only way we as authors can improve our products, and my goal is to deliver the best reading experience I can for my readers. That includes a stunning cover that evokes emotion, reflects the tone of the genre and story, and gives readers a glimpse of what they’ll find when they open the book and step into the world I’ve created for my characters.

But that’s not all!

Last month I was working in the recording studio on a theme song for the story and promised you an update this month. It took some work (mostly fun work!), but the project is complete and now available on multiple music venues.

For now, here’s the link for a .99 cent download on i-Tunes, where you’ can listen to a sample, rate it, and purchase the song for your iPod, android or Smart phone. Yes, that is my voice, and yes, I did write the song, but I owe a huge thank you to my pal Ozone Pete who helped put it all together on the guitar, and Jim Fogarty from Zing Studios who produced the project. That’s Jim on piano. These guys did an amazing job of making me sound good, LOL.

In the midst of the ten hours we spent together in the studio, I knew it was lunch time when Jim started singing “Pizza’s of love, pizza’s of looove…” Between that and his impromptu Three Stooges video breaks, he had me cracking up, and he and Pete made the whole experience a pleasure.

Next up, my husband and I will be working on the book trailer which will feature part of the song. I’m hoping to have that done next month. Proof copies of the book are on their way, so I and my proofreader can make last minute corrections, then it’s off to final print! My favorite part is getting those final proof copies and knowing that I have a quality product that’s near and dear to my heart to share with readers.

We authors put our heart and soul into every book, so your opinion matters to us and honest reviews are always appreciated. If you are interested in reading PIECES of LOVE and belong to Goodreads, you can add it to your “Want to Read list” or go here and sign up for the Goodreads giveaway beginning April 25th.

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Pieces of Love

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Until next month, happy reading, and enjoy the Spring!

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