An Early Spring

Hello Dear Readers,

It seems February has slipped past me while my mind was fraught with distraction. Unfortunately, my writing has taken a back seat to greater concerns about what’s happening in our country and around the world. I won’t get political here, but I will suggest that being an informed and active citizen is essential,however now more than ever. Get involved in your community, take an active role in our democracy, and stand up for what you believe in. You aren’t alone, and together, we CAN make a difference.

Now, onto what’s been happening here in my writer’s cave as I fight the urge to procrastinate further.

I enjoyed this past week’s warm-up and ventured off to the beach for my birthday–an annual tradition I founded years ago to celebrate reconnection with the vast water element that is so much a part of my Piscean constitution. Ironically, it was a beautiful day here in the Berkshires, but by the time I reached the shore two hours away, the sky was so cloudy I could barely see past the surf, lol.

A cloudy day at the beach is better than a sunny day at the office!

I took advantage of the time alone, however, to write, reflect, and be in the moment–a useful practice if you want to preserve your mental health during trying times.

Despite the obvious effects of global warming, we’re expecting temps to dip back into the teens later this week. Just the same, having a good hard Spring rain the other night and a few warmer than seasonal days seems to have washed away the doldrums for me (as well as the three inches of ice and remnants of two feet of snow that had covered my deck). It was a much needed boost of Vitamin D and nice to feel the warmth of sun on my face after a dreary winter here in New England.


The month of March will find me working to play catch-up on my writing biz. Among a laundry list of to-do’s and word-count goals to meet, I have a cover to produce for the print edition of LOST BOYS, my second Savage Cinderella Novella. If you loved the original SAVAGE CINDERELLA and haven’t read the series, FINDING HOPE is available for only .99 cents and LOST BOYS, the e-book edition, is only $1.99!

Here’s a bit about this 30k word (130 page) action-packed novella…

Justin’s friend Cody has disappeared, and Brinn is determined to find out why. Despite an escalation in the tensions between them over Cody and Brinn’s complicated friendship, Justin agrees to join her on a journey that leads to the mysterious jungles of Colombia, where whispers of human trafficking bring them face to face with an old enemy.

Brinn and Justin join forces with friends to do the unthinkable—enter the dangerous jungle on a rescue mission, sparking a battle for the lives of nine young boys and a fight for their own survival. Brinn’s haunted past rears its ugly head as she is forced to once again take on a brutal killer. But in risking her life to save her friend, will she lose the one man who has sacrificed everything for her?

Follow Brinn, Justin, Cody, and a cast of new characters through a series of novellas (30-40k word short novels). Each story will bring a new adventure, another crime to solve, and more danger for Brinn and company as they delve into the world of human trafficking and beyond.

 Check out the book’s page for purchase links or read a chapter on WATTPAD.

I’m now working on the third installment in the series. Working title…SACRED GROUND. I’ll have more information on that soon!


I hope you’ll join me again this year for the fabulous 6th Annual Authors in Bloom Blog Hop!

Monday, March 27 thru Wednesday, April 5th.

Here’s how to participate: Any time during the ten day event, simply hop from one author’s site to another to see what kind of recipes, gardening tips, or inspirations they have to offer. (I’ll be sharing some ways to Celebrate Earth Day!) You’ll find awesome prizes and giveaways along the way, and don’t forget to gather clues to enter for the GRAND PRIZE–an e-reader of your choice (up to $200 value). A second prize of $25 gift card for winner’s choice of book retailers, available to US and INTL residents, except where prohibited by law. Individual authors will note US or INTL for their giveaway eligibility. Where US or INTL is not specifically noted, US eligibility will apply. The grand prize is available for US entrants only. Winners will be announced by April 7th when we will post the grand prize winners on the main page and the landing page, BloominThyme.

And if you’re looking to find a spring in your step, or need to drag yourself off the couch and get moving, perhaps you should check out some stay healthy tips and stress busting techniques in


(A Practical Guide to Improving Health, Fitness, and Well-being for Desk Dwellers and Couch Potatoes)

Available in print (Color and B&W editions)

Or get the e-book for only 3.99 for a limited time!

Be well and may your Spring be filled with peace and blessings!




  1. When will book 3 of the Savage Cinderella series: Sacred Gtound be released

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